Sunday, June 3, 2012

True Blood is Back...Excited or Over It?

I used to be obsessed with “True Blood”.
I know what you’re thinking, me, obsessed with a book series? Hard to picture, right? But it’s true. It was so bad in fact that one friend even had “Bad Things” as my designated ring tone on her cell phone (That reminds me, “Fifty Shades” needs a theme song!)
But alas, that was sooo 2008.
The other day I heard someone mention “True Blood” was returning to HBO next week. My first thought was, “Gosh, it’s been so long I don’t even remember how last season ended.” (My second thought was to wish I had their schedule...shoot 12 episodes and then take 9 months off? Must be nice!)
In an effort to reacquaint myself with the good folks of Bon Temps, I turned to the internet for a quick refresher that can be summed up like this:  a LOT of people died. Lafayette’s boyfriend? Dead. Debbie the crazy wolf chick? Dead. Sookie’s best friend, Tara? Dead. Even the Vampire League PR lady died at the hands of Bill and Eric. Apparently they felt the need to protect her “fairy” secret even though she dumped both of them in favor of Alcide. (Or is it time for Quinn the Where-Tiger now? Honestly, I can’t keep all her men straight...for a former 24 year old virgin, Miss Stackhouse sure is making up for lost time!)
I guess I can’t really blame her for moving on. After all, Bill doesn’t even remotely resemble the vampire she fell in love with in Season One. Oh, how I long for the days when Bill was a sexy, henley wearing bad boy with long, mussed up hair. *Sigh* He was enough to make me wish I was Sookie, hauling ass through a creepy cemetery in the middle of the night in what appeared to be her Gran’s nightgown. Now he’s a civilized, suit-wearing step-dad for god’s sake! As for Eric, he’s hot and all, but the amnesia story line was wrapped up waaaay too fast for my taste. Heck, they could have devoted an entire episode to the book’s shower scene alone!
Before long, all this nostalgia had me wondering what was next for Louisiana’s supernatural community, so I pulled up the trailer for Season 5:

Hmm...was that a henley tee I saw Bill wearing? Maybe I will call my cable company and add HBO after all...

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  1. I soooo can not wait for June 10th!!!! Just putting that out there :)

  2. I've never seen the show, I've heard good things about it, though. This blog definitly made me laugh, and trailer looks awesome.

  3. The Eric-amnesia book was the best of the series (so far). I was really surprised how they handled it in the show.

    And thanks for the recap- I TOTALLY forgot Tara died!!

    50 Shades theme song- S&M by Rihanna? Too obvious?

  4. Heh. The shower scene. When Ms. Charlaine is on a roll, she comes up with the most entertaining stuff...

  5. Fifty theme song....The City Never Sleeps by Eurythmics. Which was actually featured in "darker" I think Chapter 28? Awesome song! Also I love True Blood!

  6. Theme song...Corrupt by Depeche Mode

  7. I also love True Blood. But I love the book series more than the HBO one. Wished though that Sookie was played by someone who's closer to the description in the book, but Anna Paquin's passable.

    Is there a pattern here? After True Blood, I got hooked on Fifty Shades.

    1. Yes, I'd say the pattern is we like the same books :)

  8. insatiable by darren hayes for fsog theme song!!!! Love it