Monday, February 18, 2013

Casting Your Novel (And how did I NOT know about David Gandy?)

The other day I was weaving through Macy’s - trying to reach the exit while avoiding the perfume sample assassins - when I ran straight into the most gorgeous man. Brown hair, blue eyes, white Speedo (did I mention he was a life size cut-out?) With the exception of his clothing, he was the epitome of the leading man in my WIP (work in progress).

We’ve all done it. Cracked open a book and before long we’ve cast the main characters. Whether a famous actor, a model or just a kid we knew in high school, by the end of the novel more than a few characters have taken on familiar faces. It’s no different for writers.  While it’s true authors use words to describe the characters they envision, when asked, most will admit they’ve already cast the motion picture version of their novel.

Never mind my next book isn’t finished, let alone sold. If Hollywood wants to make a movie out of my new novel, they can look no further. I’ve found the man! His name is David Gandy and according to one of my friends, I’ve been living under a rock not to know this “sexy beast”. So  without further ado, meet the leading man of my dreams...

UPDATE: I am thrilled to announce that the Chasing Fire Series will be released in April, July & October 2015 by Penguin Books. 

So tell me fellow writers, who is the “dream cast” of your novel?
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