Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Universal Studios: The Wonderful World of Christian Grey?

Yesterday, as I watched dozens of little girls waiting to have their pictures taken with Cinderella, I tried to imagine how long the line would be if their mothers could meet Christian Grey. Later, at the airport, I saw an advertisement for the “Wizarding World of Harry Potter” at Universal Studios. Remembering that Universal Pictures just bought the rights to the “Fifty Shades” trilogy, I couldn’t help but wonder if Orlando’s next tourist attraction would be “The Wonderful World of Christian Grey”.
Since Disney World advertises itself as the place “where storybook fantasy comes to life”, I thought it only appropriate to take a cue from a few of their more popular attractions as I imagine what Grey World might look like.....
Join Christian Grey as you venture into a world where romance is real and excitement knows no bounds. Leave the Tower of Terror to the others because your elevator stops at the penthouse of Escala where you’ll receive a full tour of everything from the billiards room to Christian’s office...even the infamous Red Room. As you exit, you’ll pass through the obligatory gift shop where you can purchase your very own silver...masquerade mask.
Getting hungry? Christian would not be pleased. Stop by one of the park’s restaurants such as “Mrs. Jones’ Kitchen” for pancakes and bacon, but best to wait until after you’ve been on the pulse-pounding rides.
You can forget the Astro Orbiter, at Grey World you’ll soar through the air on Charlie Tango. And who needs a Jungle Cruise when you can set sail on “The Grace” instead? If you’re in the mood for something with more of a thrill, head over to the I-5 Speedway to test your skills in an R8 but be sure to keep an eye out for the mysterious black Dodge.

Of course no trip to an amusement park would be complete without posing for pictures with characters. Many of your favorites - even the “bitch troll’ herself - are available for photo ops, but for the ultimate Grey World experience head over to GEH where you’ll be issued a “visitor” badge and whisked to the twentieth floor for a meet and greet with Christian Grey himself. And while you might not trip on your way into his office, you’re guaranteed to leave with a smile on your face. After all, Mr. Grey does “aim to please”. But be warned, judging by the fact that over 30,000* people are following @ChristianTGrey on Twitter, you'd better be prepared for extremely long lines!

*As of January 2015 that number has risen to nearly 150,000!!!!

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  1. I need a season pass please!


  2. My God..I would never leave that place especially if @ChristianTGrey is going to "play" with us!!! A girl can dream...a girl can dream!

  3. I am guessing they will serve vanilla ice cream and Popsicles. Loved reading this. And yes I will be standing in line to meet him . Ben Wa balls and all.

  4. Is it me or did it just get warm in here?
    Oh wow, Ann you have me completely sold on this.
    We need to get this place built - and fast!

  5. OMG I would stand in line and camp out for a week to get into that attraction! I love how your mind works AnnMarie! Your blog posts are always so original! I cannot wait for your big interview with @ChristianTGrey! Feels like I've been waiting in a long line to get to that attraction! Go get him girl! Keep up the GREYT work!

  6. My, Oh My, what a Wonderful World of Grey fun this attraction would be Miss Walker!! Not only would Universal be coined the Happiest Place on Earth, but also the Horniest ;-) The lines for this kind of attraction would surely surpass the likes of Graceland, with numbers Graceland has only ever dreamed of seeing. And we all know how much the King was loved ;-) To interactive experiences I would like to see added to the attraction, as I'm sure many of your readers would, would be a Christian T Grey Piano Experience, and of course, a Billiards Experience. The Christian T Grey Piano Experience would allow visitors the opportunity to listen to the beautiful laments of our Dear Mr. Grey, while getting their "Ivories" tickled in such a way that only the Mercurial Mr. Grey can do ;-) Interpretation of Ivories shall be left up to the reader!! As for the Billiards Experience, well that would treat the visitor to a very thrilling game of pool, where the visitor would get the oh so frustrating chance of sinking the eight ball, but never quite making the pocket due to the distractions of a Ruler Weilding Christian T Grey!! Of course, once the game was finished, and you were rewarded with your very own Ruler Treatment, the ruler would be yours to keep as a "keepsake" to cherish for years to come!! And lets not forget a Christian T Grey Gift Shop, where you can buy your very own life size Christian T Grey Action Figure, to take home, and live out your very own Fifty Shades of Grey fantasies. And yes, all action figures would be anatomically correct ;-) I'm sure I could come up many more fun and interactive experiences to share with you all, but frankly, my dirty mind needs a rest. But you know what they say about a dirty mind. Its a terrible thing to waste if you can't share it with others, and I simply had to share mine with all of you!! As for you Miss Walker, I must tip my hat to you once again, for this fun and very imaginative blog post. You always have a way of keeping us Fifty Shades of Grey fans entertained while we await news of the upcoming film (where William Levy will get the role of Christian Grey), or we finally get confirmation that the Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy will be re-written from Christian's Point of View. As for Universal, if this attraction does comes to Fruition, I hope they do as Disney did and implement a Fast Track system for the rides. That way I can Fast Track myself right past My Dear Miss Stroop to the head of the line!! Sorry Miss Stroop, but what would a blog comment be if I didn't get in a little ribbing ;-)

    John Travieso_67 ;-)

    1. Ha...I am pretty sure we would fighting over the first in line too!!

  7. Another possible attraction: Get fit for your future exhertions with a hike along the 'Oh So Happy Trail' ;)

  8. My God AnnMarie is there nothing your brilliant mind can't come up with? Your blog about all things 50Shades is truly the best out there and I've been to them ALL. To say I'm GreySessed is an understatement! You're the MOST original and you're very accessible to your fans which is great!

    On a side note I cannot wait to read "Hollywood Ending"! Please tell your publishers to get a move on because your fans are getting impatient. If your blog is this fantastic I am over the moon excited to read your book! CHOP CHOP Publisher. AnnMarie's fans anxiously await!!!!

    Thanks for everything AnnMarie!

  9. I'm not sharing:)

  10. I gotta say I'm not sure Disney's the organization to handle a 50Shades themepark. I mean, they're used to the crowds and all, but a silver masquerade mask embossed with mouse ears would look a little weird.
    Just sayin'
    Great post...

  11. I'm reading the first in the trilogy and I have to say I'm really enjoying it! I like the idea of the Christian Grey theme park - great concept!

  12. Pure Brilliance. You always manage to conjour up a miracle with regards to @christianTgrey and @anarsteele. The stuff we all dream of, with a little extra spice on top. Love reading your work, you never disappoint.

  13. Loved reading this. And yes I will be standing in line to meet, Send gifts to Pakistan from UK.