Monday, March 12, 2012

Bad Boys of Fiction and the Good Girls Who Love Them

It seems as though you can't turn on your computer without seeing an article about E.L. James' novel, 50 SHADES OF GREY. For those of you as in the dark as I was, GREY started as TWILIGHT fan fiction and was later released by a small British press. Last week it sold to a U.S. publisher for a seven figure advance. Full  disclosure - I haven't read the trilogy (updated on 4/17/12) I loved the books, but the reviews are mixed. Some say deplorable while others say page-turner, but one fact is indisputable: legions of women are fascinated by the story of billionaire bad boy Christian Grey.

Earlier today I saw a post on twitter where a reader confessed to loving Cole, the bad boy in the EVERNEATH (by Brodi Ashton) love triangle. (He carries a guitar with him, what's not to love?) After reading her confession I decided to launch a support group for the other fiction lovers (like me!) who suffer from the same affliction.

That being said, I hereby call to order the first online chapter meeting of Bad Boys of Fiction and the Good Girls Who Love Them.

"Hi, my name is Ann Marie and I have a weakness for Damon Salvatore from THE VAMPIRE DIARIES books (probably because he looks like Ian Somerhalder, see above) and Hamlet from FALLING FOR HAMLET (by Michelle Ray)."

Update 4/17/12: Christian Grey!!!! Hmm...maybe Ian as Christian Grey? Now there's an idea....

Who's your favorite Bad Boy?? Please share in a comment below.